Loosen up! And vibrate!
Let me explain what I mean: 

You know these singing bowls, right? 
Well they make this beautiful sound by tapping on them. The sound is the vibration that travels around the bowl... untill you hold the bowl.

When you grab the bowl, the vibration stops, and so does the sound. Knowing that your body is like a singing bowl, when let loose, it vibrates in the most amazing ways... until you tighten your body, you flex your muscles and everything comes to a standstill. 
How can the vibration travel anymore? 

your body is a unbelieveble creation, that is receptive and open. All it needs is the simplicity of movement. Are you afraid because you're not a dancer or an athlete, well, that is the best part of it all: you don't have to be. Just being human is enough. Your body knows exactly how it needs to move to unblock hidden emotions or trauma's. Your body can reset all by itself. Just move. Anyway you feel like. 

It is also the best way to start your day by moving your body in awakeness. Make it loose. Shake it. That way your body will reset and vibrate the way it should. Don't wake your body and mind up with coffee or cafeïne. Your body will need 16houres to get it out of your system. You overload your brain and unbalance your hormones. Your mind goes in the best flow by meditating. 
Not too hard to do. You just get out of bed, do some stretching of the muscles, tapping of the lymphatic system, and/or shacking of the whole entire body from top to bottom. 

Then you go and sit down, just for a few minutes. Take some deeper breaths and feel your body. Feel what effects its having on you. Coach yourself for the upcoming day. You got this. It's going to be marvelous. 

Repeat the next words:

I am worthy

I belong here

I feel my purpose

I love

I speak my truth

I see you

I know it all

I connect to everything and everyone



Now have a great day! 😉