Has relaxing become an effort?

I remember the days before I had my driver’s license. 

Everytime someone let me be the passenger in the car, they didin't get a word from me.

I was too busy looking out the window, daydreaming.

Or the days we toke a nap when needed, even during the day. Especially after eating.

My mom was the expert in it. She could lay down, fall immediately a sleep 

and wake up after something as short as 20min as a fresh person.

Ready to start working again. 

Where are the days, I retreated to my room for some quiet time: Me-time.

Now, when we must wait somewhere, we immediate take our phone out and start scrolling endlessly.

When are we ever really done with everything we need to do?

After work, we need to make dinner, take care of our pets or/and the children, go to the gym, do laundry, ...

And when we sit at home alone and it is all quiet, we get anxious, we think we are lonely or bored?

We start thinking of what we can do. 


What is happening to us?


Have we forgotten the importance of having our brain processing everything we see, learn, think, feel, ...

And to have our body do the same, including after a meal.


Resting gives your brain the opportunity to be creative, to put the puzzle pieces in the right place and process the experience.

So, understand that in our society we are consuming all the time.

That is what we do, it is important to take some rest everyday.

Even if it is just 10 minutes by walking, looking out the window, drinking a cup of tea, dancing, listening to your favorite music, singing, ... 


I know so many persons who can't relax any more.

They stay tensed all the time because they are so used to stress.

Make a deal with yourself and understand the purpose of relaxing a few times a day.

For instance: you can start after waking up by using a wake-up light or an alarm, not your phone. 

So, instead of scrolling, you go to the toilet, get a cup of tea, sit down for 10 minutes to start your day relaxed and positive.

At lunch time you take a ten-minute walk around the block, just to clear your head.

In the afternoon or evening when you leave your job, take a few minutes in the car or train, to look outside, just to muse.

That way you become you are relaxed when you take part of traffic or when you get off the train.

And finally at night, before bedtime, you take again 10 minutes to make sure your brain and body know it's time to go to sleep.



It easy but makes such a difference.

You deserve it and so does your temple. 


Lots of caring love