Willpower is a myth!



Willpower is a myth! Without a doubt!

This one is heavy shit, when you think about it, because every coach wants you to start over and use willpower.





But what they don't tell you is that willpower is unstable.

Unstable? Yes, unstable! And do you know how?

It is based on emotions. And what do emotions do? They go up and down, like everything else in this world.

So, if you need to base yourself to willpower and your emotions are down... then what?!

You probably don't want to exercise when you are down, you probably think fuck that diet when you are down! 

They better teach you to transform you mind first!

That way, your emotions are more stable, and it will be easier to gain energy and power that way.


When you have a coach that works on your mindset, you have a winner!

But that's not all, you also need a goal, that is a dream with a date.

Then make a plan to get there.

After that you put your plan in to action.

I can't repeat it enough.


Do you want to know the funny part? I thought I did everything in life based on will power.  

Now I know it is a myth. Why?

I realized that when I kept doing something, it was because I wanted to or because I thought I had no other choice.

Think about this... What did you do for a long time? Sport? Staying in a relationship that didn't work?

Going on every possible diet? Kept drawing or singing, no matter what anybody else said?

Did you do any of those things because of willpower or because you wanted it or thought that you didn't had another choice?


So, maybe, just maybe, the best driver for you can be the thing that makes you warm inside.

Or the thought, that you convince yourself of, that this is what you need to do! 

And make a habit of it!

Hang a note or picture that stimulates you on the bed, your mirror, or your fridge,

wherever you need to see the reason, to get started, time after time. 

And make sure that you love yourself enough to know you deserve your dreams to come true. 


You are here on this planet for a reason!

To be the best you can be! For you and for others.