Another lesson since my burn-out: take care of your emotional wounds as of your physical wounds.

That is something we don't really do. Why not?

When we fall and scratch our knees, we disinfect the wound and put a plaster on it. 

Or when we get a cut, we let it be stitched up. When we have something internal, we get an operation.

When we have a cold or the flu, we go to the doctor for medication.


What is wrong with us??? Is it because we don't see the emotional wound, that we think nothing is needed?

Why do we think that time will take care of it, or it will wear off?

As if it will resolve by air.


It seems so stupid but even I am guilty of not taking care of my emotional wounds for years.

So, they started to fester. Not a smart thing to do. To ignore them.

And an emotional wound can be anything, a trauma from childhood, a partner who has left you or when you have buried a friend...


When you have been hurt, you need to recover.

There are multiple ways to take care of an emotional wound.

First of all, you need to acknowledge the wound and the cause of it.

Talk about it; with someone you feel safe enough to open up to.

Loving yourself is also very important. 

Don't become the one that hurt you

or don't let your feelings be determined by one person if there are so many more that do love you.


Read books about what you are going through, listen to podcasts, do something and most of all, take time to heal!

You will live more energized and happier if you do.


Lots of love.


Natascha Grégoir