Breathing... the beginning and the end of life here on earth.

It all starts with your first breath when you leave your mama's womb.

But during live itself, we sometimes forget how important it is to just breathe.

In fact it is all you need to do. It is that simple.


When you know how to breathe, the rest will follow.

Crazy? Not at all.

It is your breathing that connects your mind to your body.

Besides, did you ever think about the fact that everything is energy and you can control the energy by staying calm and focused.


How do you do that?

You close your eyes and start breathing through the nose by filling your belly when breathing in 

and pulling your belly button to your back when breathing out.

Focus on your breathing. Count: In 1-2-3-4. Keep it in for 2 seconds. Breathe out 1-2-3-4.

Hold for 2 seconds and breathe back in.

Make it longer by going up to 5 seconds in and 5 out.

Then try 6, but keep holding still in between. And come back down again form 6 to 5 to 4.

Empty your head. Just breathe. Keep doing this for a few minutes.

Feel what is does to your body. Follow the road of your breath.


Immediately you feel different, more concentrated. Every cell of your body will be surrounded by your lifebreath.


When you wanna go further, you extend your breath by first breathing in, by filling your belly in 4 seconds, 

then open up your ribs by filling it with air in 2 extra seconds and then your chest with 2 extra seconds.

Breathing out, you let the air out of your chest, then the ribs and last, you let it leave your belly.


Another good one is by breathing in the same as just explained, belly, ribs

but in stead of opening just your chest, you even let your throat tighten.

Breathing start nows with pulling in the belly button to your back, then you let the ribs come down

and at last you let your throat relax.


If you do these breathing exercices, one of them is already enough, you have more control.

Think about when your anxious, your start hyperventilating.

When you run, you get out of breath.

When you get scared or you are in shock, your breath gets stuck.

With every emotion, your breath changes.

So, control your breathing and you control your emotions.


If you just wanna calm down, make sure your breathing out takes a little bit longer than your breathing in. 

For example: In: 1-2-3-4. Hold 1-2. Out: 1-2-3-4-5-6. Hold 1-2.


Isn't is magic if you think about the fact that you can connect your mind and body just by breathing?

When you practise this multiple times, it will get easier. 

By doing it, you will get into the zone, your conscious will meet your subconscious.

When you have a problem that you don't know how to takle, well at a moment like this, 

ask the question and you will get an answer through a tought or an image that will pop up.

Like magic it will appear.

Listen to it, that is your divine-self that gives you the answer.


Lots of love.

And remember.... Just breathe!


Natascha Grégoir