Loving yourself



One time I got the question: "do you love yourself?"

And my immediate thought was: Of course, I  like what I see in the mirror. People tell me I have confidence, so... sure I do. 

But actually I didn't.

To know what truely loving yourself means, you have to understand the meaning of love.


To love yourself, you have to do the following FOR yourself:

  • Accepting yourself
  • Protecting yourself
  • Caring for yourself
  • And taking responsibility for your wellbeing

If you lack one of those, you don't love yourself enough and when none of the above meets up, you just don't.


When I looked at the 4 points mentioned, I had to admit 

that I dind't truely accepted, protected or cared for myself, let alone that I took responsibility for my wellbeing!!!

That was the reason of my burn-out! The true reason. 

Not the hard work, not the fact nobody listend when I told them that everything was too much.

I didn't love myself! Because if I did, the burn-out had no chance to take me down.  

My body would have been rested when needed, my mind would have been recharged as well as my heart.


Do you love yourself?

If not, take action, you deserve it! 

It is up to you, and only to you, to make the right choice for you! 



Lots of love