Chaos vs. order



"Chaos and order are two of the fundamental elements of experience that we live by,

it is our precondition of being!"





I can not say it often enough: "We do need both." So, why should chaos be a bad thing?

Isn't it that we are taught that we got to have order, and that on every area/level in your live?

We need to be happy and smile all the time. Be positive. Our house needs to be clean, 'cause you never know who comes by and we do need to make a good impression.

Even our appearence needs to be flawless. A lot of women don't leave their home without make-up on, even when they go to the gym or the pool?!

Last time I went swimming there were multiple women with falsh lashes on. And don't get me wrong, I love it! When you wanna look at your best, please do.

But don't feel sick if you miss a day, let it slack once. It is okay if you do.

We gotta have a perfect body. We need to eat healthy, do sports and of course drink water (no soft drinks filled with sugars)


Sure...I totally agree that we need to do our best. 

Even you know that your body is a temple and you need to take care of it, if you want your soul to have the best transportation in this life.

Nothing is more fucked up then not being able to do things because you feel limeted by your body when you get older.

It's up to you to prevent that happening.


But bloody hell, we are all humans! So, stop blaming and bashing on yourself when you don't!

Just chill, nobody is going to be mad at you, so, why are you? 

It is okay to have bad days.

Be friendly to yourself, think of what you wanna achieve and then you know what to do! 

Every day is a new start, a progress to your dream.


And only by having chaos once and while, you can appreciate the order.

No matter if it is in your mind, your house or by your behavior.

The only thing that matters is that you do get out of the chaos and get back to order.

Besides.... Trying to keep the order is what creates the chaos.

A little mindfuck if you ask me....


But that is the beauty of life, you don't need to worry about a thing. 

You just need to trust the universe that what happens, happens for a reason and that there is beauty in everything, every situation, every person.

Enjoy life, make the best of it and you will live it at your most capacity!