Time for a new start!





Welcome y'all!


Let me be real, and show you what is going on in my mind, heart and soul.

I love to write, explain and give advice.

So, I hope you all find something in here that helps you in one way or another.

Everyone is welcome, but as I said on the homepage: here I write without restrictions!
What you read is what you get!

Of course you can always send me a response, yet I ask you to remain polite and respectful.

Otherwise, the usefulness of this blog immediately comes crumbling down for me.


Perhaps also important for you to know, posting will be done based on MY needs.

It probably sounds rather crude and selfish, but I really do this out of pleasure.

I say no to pressure. 

If, through my own journey, I inspire, comfort, or support one person, I will be immensely grateful.

Just me, is a way to rediscover myself.

As a child I was labeled "a ray of sunshine in the house". 

If you want to get to know me better or get a little bit of my sunshine, stay tuned.

Do you find it interesting to occasionally reflect or think further about things, feel free to read my blog regularly.

Be aware of the fact that this is where all my insights and thoughts of the moment are written down, just me.


You get to read what I think and feel and occasionally this can go against what the majority thinks or feels.

In other words: It may happen that my blog puts aside the social straitjacket.

When you are aware of this and you still are craving for more, feel free to follow my social media, where I indicate each time when a new blog post is created.

The latest post can always be found in the top right corner.

The others, the previous ones, will appear under the "Welcome" button.

So click on Welcome at the top of the header and then on the arrow next to it, to see what has already been reviewed. 

For now I thank you. I send love into the world.

And I wish everyone the best.


See you soon :)