If you don’t fail, you are not even trying!

What a line!
If you don't fail, you are not even trying!!!

My God, it hit me like a boomerang 😅

This is it! Fear of failing is what keeps us from doing great things. Starting them is not the issue. Mostly it is finishing them, that is causing you and me to panick and then we just quit it all togehter. (Flightmode)
The fear of failing holds us back. 
Numerous times we started things and even before being properly engaged in it, it was already over.

Why??? Didn't we wanted it enough? Didn't we care enough? Are we not worth it? What is going wrong?!
Two specific things are the basic foundation of this seemingly not having any discipline or selflove. 

Number one

Going from 0-100. 
Example: You want to stop smoking (again).

You probably did quit ceveral times, did it even several times. But you always find an excuse to start again.

It is one thing to make a change. It's another to maintain it. (Good stuff for a next blog 😉)

But now you have a new tactic: instead of doing it cold turkey, you take your time.
Make a plan for 10 weeks. Gradeually cutting it down per day, until you get to week five. That week you can still smoke one a day.
From week six, you may smoke every two days, the next week every four days, and then once a week.
Finally week ten you should be stopped smoking.

Big difference to stop the week after doing something just once a week, instead of going from a built-in habit you do atleast multiple times in a day, every day.

In making the steps as small as possible, they become doable! For more, read my prevoius blog.


Number two:

The emotions like fear, shame and guilt.


What if I can't do it? I'll be ashamed again. What will people think? Here she comes again, once more. They will laugh with me. 
Not believing in yourself. The guilt of not being able to do something. Do we rather play the victim and keep face then taking responsibility and atleast being proud of trying!

We are so blinded by havind succes now a days, that we forget the real succes lies in trying, again and again until you catch a break! 
I found my break! I break up the plan, and get to the goal step by step! 
What is worst? Failing or not even trying?! 
I feel better when I did my best! Even if it means failing! 'Cause then, I don't have to walk around blaming myself. I gave it all. I did my best. 
Totally different outcome! 
Don't forget: you are responsable for how you feel! Make the change! 

Don't let fear of failling get you down!
If you don't fail, you are not even trying!