A man once told the buddha: "I want happiness!"

The buddha replied: 

"First remove "I", that's EGO. Then remove "want", that's dessire. And now, all you're left with is HAPPINESS!"






Ask yourself the next questions, if you want to do selfreflection:

What am I gratefull for?

What went good in my life?

What went good today?

What can I do better?

What can I start doing already?

What do I want to stop?

What do I want to continue doing?


Take the time to really feel the answers.

Let them come to you from your inner voice.

Go to a place or room where you can be alone.

Take something to make notes.

Make it quiet around you and ask yourself what you already know.

Get the answers, note them down and start with the necessary action!


Have fun ordering your live!


Tip: Everything you want tomorrow, needs to start today.


 Lots of love