Social media: our show or the one of our audience?

Why is that? Why do we show something different than we are? 

Is social media something where we are true to ourselves?

Do we put out what we want to share or what we think our audience wants to see?

When we post a picture or a story, is it something we wanna share with the rest or do we think about what the perception will be?


Even I must admit that I thought that it was my obligation to always tell or give something positive.

I also admit that I thought it was needed because even I don't like to see when others constantly bring themselves or others down.

It can kill my mood instantly. 

So, I started to engage to the "good news-show" for my audience.


Untill I learned an important lesson by getting a burn-out: 

Life is not perfect and my thoughts are not always positive. 

And that is okay. We need this to appreciate the less positive times better.

This creates  balance in live, without it there is no real positive!

Sure, we all love more followers. It gives us the feeling of being liked.

Who doesn't like that?


The funny part is that the onces who stay the most authentic have the most followers these days.

People wanna related to you and your story.

So, next time you post something on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You tube-channel, ... reflect on what you wanna do.

Are you putting up a show or being who you truely are.




Lots of love