Love should flow!

Love... love in a relationship... a hard knock life for me in the past.


It was always something. They knew how to understand and listen but not how to make love. There was no true passion.

Or they knew how to fuck my brains out and lift me up as a woman but not how to listen to my feelings.

I believed that love was a fairy tale from the movies. It was either understanding or passion, but I wanted both.





I always thought: "If I love him enough, it will all work out." Which is bullshit. 

Characters don't really change. Persons can adjust but is that love when you need to change yourself?


Shouldn't love be a fusion of two individuals, staying true to themselves? Or does it become a meltdown afterwards?



I always have been told that love is a verb and that you need to work hard to let it flow?!

Now I know better.


Love is. Love is not to give or to take. You are love. The moment you feel love for someone, that love comes from within. It is a state of being. So, when you are in love, it means you both have the same frequency, with the same thoughts, and feelings behind them. You vibe the same way, literally.

Before I thought all my past experiences were lessons for me to realize what I didn’t want, and for that knowing what I needed to look for in the opposite direction. But that was the wrong perspective! I had those experiences because I didn’t listen to my inner voice, my instincts, my soul, my inspired action… Instead, I shut it off. I was vibrating on the wrong frequency. My thoughts, my insecurities and fears got me on the wrong level of awareness. I was afraid of losing them, of getting abandoned, not being (beautiful) enough, of being to much, of getting overwhelmed, of being afraid, …


Don't believe someone that refers at this as self-sabotage. You already carry enough guilt and shame within you, this will only enhance these negative emotions. See it as it is! “Not self-sabotage, these are trauma’s/emotions that need to be let loose by being understood, to be transformed in positive energy by being accepted, to get resolved by allowing it to be!” That can be done in several ways. Whatever feels good to you. I do it by meditation, you can do it by talking to a therapist, or by screaming session in the woods, are forest baths or sound baths, whatever tics for you.


In fact, all we need to do is to love ourselves. And when we radiate on that vibration, we will attract the one with the same frequency!


Here are the lessons I have learned over the years:

You should like what you see in the first place. No matter what others think.

When you feel attractive to each other, they can make you upset once and a while, but you still wanna make love to them.


Above that, have the same norms and values. The more you like the same things, the easier it gets.

There may be some differences, to make sure you still have your own individuality in the relationship.

With that comes a bit of freedom. Which translates to conversations in which you have something to say.

When your partner respects the fact that you have things that you love and that these things make you who you are,

you are set mate! Nothing better than to have someone who gets you and loves you for who you are!


Don't you ever go after a person that doesn't want you. Never ever!

It is a waste of your energy and even when you win them over, it's not meant to be.


Don't make up rules. When you love someone, nothing else matters.

Love is an energy that can not be bound. Let it flow.


The most important lesson is to stay open.

When you feel at ease with that person, you can laugh together. 

And if that person is there for you when it matters, that is when we talk about true love.

As I said before, it should flow. Feel like ease. You should need to feel comfortable to tell them how you feel, good and bad.

When that person is with you, you should feel complete, whole, in peace. They feel like coming home. 

When that person touches you, you should feel it to your core. 

When it comes down to it, you only need that person in your life, nothing more.


And the most important lesson of them all:

As you know, you can't make another person happy, if you aren't happy.

Don't go looking for that perfect person.

Become that perfect person and before you know it, someone will cross your path...

Someone you want to love and be proud of.



Lots of love