Fear is my illusion!

Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

But what is real?

Is what I see or feel real? Or is it the ego protecting me?

Is what I see a projection of what I have been thinking?

Is what happening outside of me the manifesting of my feelings and thoughts?

Quantum physics! It is all about what I feel and think! 

And because of what you feel or think you can be in the past, present, or future.


That we understand. We also understand the awareness of the fact that it's all about our perspective.

Something can be good for us, while it can be bad for someone else.

Nothing is merely good or bad. It is.

Well, that is the same for who we are. Who is the judge, to say who is good or who is bad?

You can be both at the same time. Only God may judge. And even he doesn’t do that. He loves us unconditionally!


It is you! You are the one that doesn’t love yourself unconditionally! This is where the illusion takes place. 


What event or person did give you a bad feeling as a child? What do you believe that is holding you back right now?

What if I told you that no matter what you believe, you are good. Even better, you are good enough.

And you don’t have to prove anything. You don’t have to do anything. No strings attached.

The only thing that you need to do is BE. Be present. Be here, in the now.

And if something is keeping you from getting there, then that is your blockage, your illusion.

For me, it’s about accepting and knowing that I am safe. Plus, I am okay as I am.

There is nothing that I or anyone else needs to be proud of, before being completely whole.


Isn’t that crazy? I always thought that I needed to be good, to do well in every aspect of my life,

to make my parents proud, to make others respect me because of my job,

to prove myself for my boss to be impressed, to be slim to be called beautiful,  …

because that is how I’ve been brought up, that is what I've been taught.

By my parents, teachers, family, … and all with good intentions. But is that true?

Do I really have to do anything before being okay? Isn’t the definition of the Source, God, the Universe, … LOVE.

And isn’t true love unconditionally? So, why would there be a condition for me to feel loved?

When you feel loved, you feel safe. And when you feel safe, you can BE you.

Whatever you believe in, understand that accepting, knowing, and feeling loved is the answer to it all.

That is the higher state of being!


First you have the courage to start feeling better.

Then you learn that it is all neutral until you give it a value. What is good? What is bad? Who says that?

Acceptance follows the willingness to accept.

Then you start to understand. You finally get it.

And when you do, then it comes: the LOVE! At this point you learn to LOVE! At first yourself, your past, present and future you.

From the love comes JOY, this is the moment you start to spread your LOVE. Which brings you peace.

And the final destination: enlightenment.

It is a long way.

Climbing up from the deepest, from shame, then guilt, next into apathy, followed by sorrow, fear, lust, anger, proud,

up till the courage to start feeling better. No more victim. No more dwelling in the past. No more fear for what is yet to come.

The illusion stops here! Because we are aware! We know now.

We will fall back. But that is okay. We came to this earth to experience.

So, let’s do that! Let us experience it all with an open heart and open mind. With the knowing we are LOVE.


Repeat after me:

I am loved.

I am love.

I love!



Keep the faith that you ARE LOVE! 

With lots of love

Just me xoxo