Let's talk about it!

Has talking become a taboo or are psychologists becoming more available to us?


I used to get shivers from the word "psychologist". 

"I am not crazy?! And what am I going to do there? Talk? As if talking solves my problems?"

But ... when are we really talking? To whom do we now expose our deepest feelings? Or do we dare to be vulnerable?


With the largest majority, such as acquaintances, neighbors, ... 

I have superficial conversations: about the weather or current events, holidays and so on.


I talk to the bigger majority, who are not as close as family and friends, like a good news-show. Everything always goes well.


And to the smallest group, which is closest to me, being a friend, a colleague or partner, 

I mostly speak negatively: about my boss, the job, men, my weight, ... but my real feelings? No, not really.

And when I try, it's only half the time that I dare to say something more to them.

Once in a while I let them see a little spark, but I never do fully put all my feelings out on the table.


Only one person hears my deepest feelings. 

I only dare to fully expose myself to one person. That is my psychologist.

She hears my deepest thoughts / feelings every time. 

And it's only for an hour each time. 

Still...  that hour brings me so much further. Makes me so much lighter. Gives me the necessary insights. 

Even though we do not always agree with each other immediately. 

It is always without judgment, in confidence, SAFE!


Why is that? Are we afraid of being sentenced? 

Do we still make time to really talk and  listen to each other? 

Are we afraid of being hurt or hurting someone? Have we been forgotten how to because of social media?

Sometimes it seems as if we have forgotten how important it is to talk to each other, to listen to how others feel or think.


Is it strange that we even have a specialist for talking nowadays?


And luckily there are enough. 

Both in the private sector and through agencies such as the Center for Mental Healthcare (*CGG in Belgium).


Whether you do it with a psychologist or a close one.

Make time for each other .... for yourself!

Because talking helps.


Lots of love 

With a special thanks to Eva Willems.