Doing the same things over and over again, brings you amazing results!

We all know the line: "the definition of insanity is doing the same things all over; again and again, and still expecting a different result."

But I am telling you the opposite
Doing the same things all over; again and again, brings you amazing results! 

After getting stuck in my body, I needed change. 
Starting to think about what I wanted, I just knew I needed to change everything I was doing wrong. 
So I listed it all up. And damn it was a lot. 
When I looked at that list, it seemed impossible. The things I wanted to change were habits that were strongly embedded, some even so hard that they were addictions.

I felt overwhelmed. The step from 0 to 100 seemed too much. The logic step to take then is to break em up, that big step can be devided in to 99 little tiny steps. Steps that seem doable. It's no longer a giant leep, but a pact of lttle tiny steps that are easy to do as long as you keep taking them one-by-one! You make them bow one-by-one! 

Our behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions. It is that simple, if we want change, we are the one's responsable to create it

Stop making excuses, stop dreaming, start now! 
By doing the work, making a list of what you want to be or achieve. Breaking each aspect of that list down in to tiny little steps, you will get there! 

An other tip of advice: start with the easiest things and leave the hardest for last. There is a reason for this. When you start small, to end big, your confidence will grow on the way there. When you come to the last and hardest aspect to transform, you'll have all the confidence and trust in yourself needed to finish strong! 

Along the way you will start feeling proud of yourself. You will get to know the reward in the sensation of satisfaction! 

Besides all that you even get a clearer mind. Knowing what you really want becomes uncomplicated. Making decisions will feel like you are the CEO of your temple! No more doubts. 

Real success is success with self! It's not in having things, but in having mastery, having victory over self. 

By doing each step, you'll see progress
A feeling to keeps you positive and motivated to keep going

I am soon starting on my last item of my list. 
So, know you are not alone! We are all hustling to get somewhere. Do you wanna be your best, do your best. With ease. Step by step. The easiest first. Again and again. Then step back, and watch yourself grow, review each month and see the list of your accomplishments become longer and longer! 
Go get yourself some AMAZING RESULTS!

Gentle reminder to previous blogs: Celebrate each victory, no matter how small!