Emotions have purpose

Published on 9 July 2022 at 14:14

As I talked about last blogpost, we all have eight basic emotions.

These emotions have a purpose.

They were a lot of times our live-savoirs.

For now, it is important to find that balance between rationality and compassion.

Head and heart need eachother to make the right decisions in these modern times of complex changes.

They need to form one line by taking our emotions serious.

The heart must be leading and your head must be serving.

That way the future could be a whole lot brighter. If we pay more attention to emotional intelligence, 

by increasing self-awareness, more effectively regulating our feelings of despair, 

holding on to optimism and perserverance when things go wrong, cooperation and social affiliation. 

Can you imagine what a difference it would make? 





Here are the basic emotions and why we need them:

  1. Anger: to fight against problems
  2. Anticipation: to look forward and plan
  3. Joy: to remind us what is ipmortant
  4. Trust: to connect with people who help
  5. Fear: to protect us from danger
  6. Surprise: to focus us on new situations
  7. Sadness: to connect us with those we love
  8. Disgust: to reject what is unhealthy.


So, as I explained in my last post, please feel. Understand that you have them for a reason, your emotions.

There is nothing wrong with being emotional.

It is like Aristoteles said: the problem is not emotionality but the appropriateness of emotion and the expression of it!

Our emotions are our most important guides, they serve us when we face problems or tasks,

that are too important to just let our intellect decide.

Such as danger, painfull loss, partnerchoice, continuing to pursue a goal despite disappointments.

When we need to take an important decision or to take actions, our feelings need to count just as much as our thinking!

Maybe even more.


To be balanced we need to feel, to think and make sure both are aligned.

If one of them overshadows the other, you take the wrong decision. 

At that moment, you should breathe, step aside and reflect.

Don't be impulsive in your decisions or actions. You might regret them if you do.

Do you wanna be sure? Take the time to think about it, feel what your body and soul tells you and then decide.

If that is too hard to know, take a pen, make a balance on a piece of paper. 

On the left, you write the negatives (the don't-s) and on the right the positives (the do's).

After written it down, you look at it and see which side of it weighs more down than the other.

Your decision should be based on the emotional weight, not the numbers of lines the columns are filled with.


Lots of love


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